Simple Chinese Ceramic Tea Set



A Complete Chinese Ceramic Tea Set

Featuring a 200ml teapot, a patterned carrying bag, tea cups served on a wooden tea tray, and a tea leaf clip, doesn’t this Chinese Ceramic Tea Set feel like a hidden gem?

This Chinese Ceramic Tea Set is a must-have for your tea time gatherings, as the included carrying bag is perfect for traveling, storing, and protecting your precious utensils to prevent scratches or unexpected breakage.

A Versatile Chinese Ceramic Tea Set

With its matte colors, this Chinese Ceramic Tea Set exudes a captivating charm that will enchant hot tea lovers. Want to know the secret behind this charm? Thanks to its brown or black walls, this Chinese Ceramic Tea Set can easily blend in with your surroundings, whether it’s the color of your tablecloth, your patterned vases, or even the nature around you, as you leisurely enjoy your favorite hot drink or tea while reaping its numerous benefits.

The Magic of Ceramic

The teapot and cups in this Chinese Ceramic Tea Set are made from ceramic: a material that will perfectly preserve the delicious taste of your tea. The 200ml teapot will hold the exceptional quality of the tea you’ve prepared, while retaining its flavors and aromas, so your brew stays as delightful as if you had prepared it on the spot.

  • Includes: 1 200ml teapot + 4 tea cups + 1 tray + 1 clip + 1 bag
  • Material: Ceramic


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  • Simple Chinese Ceramic Tea Set
    Simple Chinese Ceramic Tea Set
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