Scandinavian Glass Design Teapot 500ML – 700ML

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Scandinavian Glass Design Teapot – Available in 500ML and 700ML

Introducing our stunning Scandinavian Glass Design Teapot, a true masterpiece that will not only elevate your tea service but also add a touch of modern elegance to your home decor. This teapot features a remarkable, minimalist design that perfectly blends glass, stainless steel, and walnut wood.

The transparency of the borosilicate glass allows you to enjoy the visual beauty of your tea as it brews, whether you prefer hot or cold infusions. Choose from two sizes, 500ML or 700ML, to suit your tea-drinking needs.

For tips on how to best care for your glass teapot, check out our article on The Glass Teapot: User Manual. It will guide you on how to maintain and clean your new favorite tea accessory.

  • Dimensions: (H)10cm x (L)12cm for 500ML / (H)15cm x (L)11cm for 700ML
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass + Stainless Steel + Walnut Wood


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  • Scandinavian Glass Design Teapot 500ML - 700ML
    Scandinavian Glass Design Teapot 500ML - 700ML
    69.90 79.90 
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