Pink Glass Teapot with Butterfly Design 700ml



A Unique Tea Experience with Pink Glass Teapot with Butterfly Design 700ml

Indulge in the beauty of our Pink Glass Teapot, a true work of art that will elevate your tea moments with family. With a generous capacity of 700ml, this teapot allows you to brew enough tea to satisfy all tea lovers in your gathering.

Enhance your table setting with the elegant pink color of this glass teapot. What truly sets it apart is the delicately sculpted butterfly on its lid. Symbolizing lightness and transformation, this butterfly invites you on a sensory journey through the aromas and flavors of tea.

This Glass Teapot also features an infuser at the spout, making it easy to brew your favorite tea. Simply place the tea leaves in the infuser, pour hot water, and let it steep for the perfect infusion.

Whether you enjoy traditional teas, fragrant infusions, or iced teas, this Glass Teapot will meet all your expectations. Its refined design and practicality make it an essential accessory for tea lovers, whether they are beginners or experts.

Treat yourself to a unique tea experience with this beautiful Glass Teapot. Invite your loved ones to share a moment of warmth and relaxation over a lovingly brewed cup of tea.

  • Material: Borosilicate Glass


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  • Pink Glass Teapot with Butterfly Design 700ml
    Pink Glass Teapot with Butterfly Design 700ml
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