Luxury English Ceramic Teapot 900ML


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The epitome of English Teapot

Legend has it that back in the day, this Ceramic Teapot graced the most prestigious tables in England. It is said that Duchesses had a real soft spot for it because of the elegance and originality it exudes.

Prestige and grandeur are engraved on this ceramic teapot. Moreover, its pale pink uniform color gives it the appearance of a statuette on a pedestal. The embossed decoration adds to the uniqueness of this English Teapot.

Our blog features an article titled “An English Teapot for a Successful Tea Time”, dedicated to English teapots and tea times in general.

  • Dimensions: (H)17cmx(L)25cm (including handle and spout)
  • Material: Ceramic


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  • Luxury English Ceramic Teapot 900ML
    Luxury English Ceramic Teapot 900ML
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