“Japanese Vintage 210ML Ceramic Stoneware Teapot”



Japanese Vintage 210ML Ceramic Stoneware Teapot

Experience the charm of ancient times with this Japanese Vintage Ceramic Teapot. Made from stoneware ceramic, this teapot exudes a raw, rustic style that transports you back in time. The rusty grey hues of this teapot give it an antique look, making it stand out from the rest in our collection. This Japanese Vintage Teapot is one of our smaller models, perfect for personal use or intimate gatherings for two with its 210ML capacity. Its unique proportions and design make it a favorite among collectors, adding a touch of unconventional charm to your tea time ritual. The teapot features a built-in filter at the spout, allowing you to infuse your tea leaves directly in the teapot itself. For more information on different types of teapots and their benefits, check out our article: the different materials of teapots and their advantages.

  • Dimensions: (H)12.8cmx(L)8cm
  • Material: Stoneware Ceramic


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