Japanese Portable Ceramic Tea Set


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An Unexpected Japanese Portable Ceramic Tea Set

Indulge in the charm of this Japanese portable tea set, which includes a teapot that can hold up to 300ml of hot beverage, four lovely tea cups, a wooden tray, a tea box, a pitcher, a tea leaf clip, and a carrying bag. This set will surely captivate you with its elegant design and functionality.

Your Perfect Companion Everywhere You Go

With this portable Japanese tea set, you can enjoy your daily tea ritual no matter where you are. The specially designed carrying bag allows you to bring your tea set along for outdoor tea sessions, saving you from costly tea house visits. Say goodbye to spending a fortune every time you meet friends and colleagues for a cozy tea chat, as this Japanese tea set is your new faithful companion.

The Finest Japanese Portable Tea Set

At Teapot France, we offer the best selection of portable tea sets, showcasing the essence of Japanese culture in their exquisite designs. Have you ever seen such a regal set before?

  • Includes: 1 teapot (300ml), 4 tea cups, 1 tray, 1 tea box, 1 tea leaf clip, 1 pitcher, 1 carrying bag
  • Material: Ceramic


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  • Japanese Portable Ceramic Tea Set
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