Japanese Kyusu Ceramic Teapot Vintage 200ML



Traditional and Vintage Japanese Kyusu Ceramic Teapot 200ML

This exceptional Japanese Kyusu Teapot is a unique model with a vintage design. Made entirely of ceramic, its style is very ancient and dates back to the origins of Japanese teapots. Japanese Kyusu teapots are becoming increasingly rare and are highly appreciated by tea enthusiasts who value preserving Japanese traditions. This teapot is composed of ceramic, giving it the property of being robust and able to easily withstand the years without natural wear and tear. Its color and shape evoke ancient objects used by ancestors, providing the sensation of owning a small piece of history. It is perfect for sharing a cup of tea with a close person. With a capacity of 200ML, you can enjoy several cups of tea with a unique taste. To learn more about teapots and their materials, you can consult our article: cast iron, metal, and ceramic teapots.

  • Dimensions: (H)7.5cmx(L)11cm
  • Material: Ceramic


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  • Japanese Kyusu Ceramic Teapot Vintage 200ML
    Japanese Kyusu Ceramic Teapot Vintage 200ML
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