Japanese High Porcelain Gray Teapot 200ML


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Japanese High Porcelain Gray Teapot 200ML

Experience the elegance and sophistication of Japanese design with our Japanese High Porcelain Gray Teapot. This rare and refined teapot is perfect for those seeking a minimalist touch in their interior decor. Inspired by Japanese aesthetics, this teapot features intricate details that exude romance and poetry.

  • Dimensions: (H)13cm x (L)11.5cm (handle raised)
  • Made of high-quality porcelain

The teapot’s standout feature is its high osier handle, which adds a touch of grace to its overall design. The lid and handle of the lid are crafted to resemble a rock, adding a unique and artistic element to the teapot. The gray color of the teapot exudes a mysterious yet gentle feel, giving it a timeless appeal.

As with all porcelain teapots, it is important to handle this teapot with care to prevent breakage. With proper maintenance, this teapot can accompany you for many years and can even be passed down as a treasured heirloom.

For more information on this exquisite teapot, we invite you to read our article: Teapots and materials, what you need to know.


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  • Japanese High Porcelain Gray Teapot 200ML
    Japanese High Porcelain Gray Teapot 200ML
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