Japanese Cast Iron Teapot Pine 1L


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Traditional Japanese Cast Iron Teapot with Pine Branch Motifs

This exquisite Japanese Cast Iron Teapot is adorned with a delicate pine branch illustration. A rare model, it pays homage to traditional Japanese teapots that were often adorned with designs in affluent circles. This one is perfect for performing the tea ceremony, as it can hold 1L of tea. You can therefore share it with friends or family. The cast iron material of this teapot provides it with significant durability over time, allowing you to keep it for many years if well maintained. Its metal handle is also decorated with motifs that make it a standout model. Tea enthusiasts will be delighted by this teapot, making it a perfect gift choice! For more information on how to use this teapot, you can read our article: Daily Use of a Cast Iron Teapot.

  • Material: Cast Iron


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  • Japanese Cast Iron Teapot Pine 1L
    Japanese Cast Iron Teapot Pine 1L
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