Glass Design Carafe Teapot 1.8L


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Enjoy the Perfectly Infused Tea with Glass Design Carafe Teapot 1.8L

Are you tired of the hassle of heating water and waiting to brew your tea? Look no further than our stunning Glass Design Carafe Teapot, your solution for a perfectly infused tea every time! This unique teapot is made of Borosilicate Glass, allowing you to heat the water directly in the teapot while brewing your tea on a ceramic hob or stove. No more waiting for the water to boil! The glass design also helps to keep your tea warm for longer, so you can enjoy it at your leisure. The modern and sleek design of this Glass Teapot will make a beautiful addition to any table. It is also a great conversation starter: your guests will be amazed by your infusion skills! Say goodbye to outdated tea bags and opt for this very original Glass Teapot today. Your taste buds will thank you! Check out our blog post, Glass Teapot User Guide for more information on using Glass Teapots.

  • Dimensions: (H)28cmx(L)14cm
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass


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  • Glass Design Carafe Teapot 1.8L
    Glass Design Carafe Teapot 1.8L
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