Complete Matcha Kit


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Complete Matcha Kit

Begin your Matcha journey with this complete kit that has everything you need to prepare delicious Matcha recipes like a pro. This kit is perfect for Matcha enthusiasts who want to elevate their Matcha experience.

  • One bamboo spoon (Chashaku) for measuring the perfect amount of Matcha
  • A tea bowl (Chawan) to whisk and enjoy your Matcha in traditional style
  • A bamboo whisk (Chasen) for frothing the Matcha to perfection
  • A whisk holder to keep your Chasen clean and in perfect shape

This complete kit is not only practical but also beautiful, making it a great addition to your tea collection or a thoughtful gift for a Matcha lover. Start your Matcha ritual today with this high-quality and authentic Matcha kit.


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  • Complete Matcha Kit
    Complete Matcha Kit
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