Colorful Ocean Glass Teapot 1L


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Colorful Ocean Glass Teapot 1L

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the ocean with our Colorful Ocean Glass Teapot. As the waves crash and the seagulls soar above, this teapot embodies the beauty and power of the sea.

If you are drawn to the calming and serene hues of blue, and understand the significance of this color and its impact on our mood, then this glass teapot with blue reflections is perfect for you. The exquisite patterns that adorn this teapot are inspired by the depths of the ocean, creating a mesmerizing visual experience.

Have you checked out our article on The Glass Teapot, User Manual? Don’t miss out on learning how to care for and use your new glass teapot.

  • Dimensions: (H)22cmx(L)9.5cm (including handle)
  • Material: Glass


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  • Colorful Ocean Glass Teapot 1L
    Colorful Ocean Glass Teapot 1L
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