Basic Chinese Ceramic Tea Service



A complete Chinese Ceramic Tea Service Kit

Indulge in the art of tea with this exquisite Chinese Ceramic Tea Service set. This set includes a 140ml teapot, a stylishly patterned carrying bag, tea cups, a wooden tea tray, and a tea leaf clip. Everything you need for a perfect tea time experience!

This Chinese Ceramic Tea Service is perfect for your afternoon tea rituals, as the carrying bag is ideal for storing and protecting your precious utensils to ensure they last a lifetime. It is also convenient for travel, allowing you to enjoy your favorite tea wherever you go.

The beauty of this Chinese Ceramic Tea Service

With a minimalist design, this Chinese Ceramic Tea Service has a captivating charm that will enchant any tea lover. How, you may ask? The smooth walls of the set, available in white, black, and aqua green, seamlessly blend into your surroundings, whether it’s your curtains, rugs, sofa, or even the flowers in your garden, as you savor each sip of your favorite hot beverage.

A revealing material

The ceramic used in this Chinese Ceramic Tea Service, especially in the teapot and cups, enhances the delicate flavors of your tea that you have carefully prepared. Its exceptional quality ensures that the taste of your tea remains unaffected, preserving its freshness as if it were just brewed.

  • Includes: 1 140ml teapot + 4 tea cups + 1 tray + 1 clip + 1 carrying bag
  • Material: Ceramic


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