Ancient Japanese Ceramic Tea Box 500ml


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Ancient Japanese Ceramic Tea Box 500ml

Discover the unique Ancient Japanese Ceramic Tea Box, a symbol of Japanese tea culture. This ceramic box is not only practical for storing tea, but also a beautiful decoration for your home. Let’s explore the history and features of this unique tea box.

A Generously Sized Japanese Tea Box

The Ancient Japanese Ceramic Tea Box has a storage capacity of 500ml, making it an ideal choice for storing a sufficient amount of tea. Additionally, this splendid Japanese Tea Box is equipped with an airtight lid to protect the tea from moisture and air. This helps preserve the freshness and flavor of the tea, essential for tea enthusiasts who appreciate enjoying a good cup of tea.

Exceptional Quality and Appearance

Did you know that the first Japanese Tea Boxes were made of wood? Over time, ceramic has become the preferred material for tea boxes due to its durability and natural beauty.

This lovely Japanese Tea Box is designed in ceramic, mimicking the appearance of a wooden box, creating a charming aesthetic.

  • Material: Ceramic


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  • Ancient Japanese Ceramic Tea Box 500ml
    Ancient Japanese Ceramic Tea Box 500ml
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